Wood pendant light made from kitchen countertop

wood pendant light

After cutting a kitchen countertop I had some leftover wood and I didn’t want to waste it. I ended up making this wood pendant light which fits well as part of the kitchen.

KARLBY countertop

KARLBY countertop | IKEA.com

But I’m considering buying another countertop to cut specifically to make lamps/ handrails with light.

It’s not a hard project. The only part that took some time was cable management. I carefully made sure everything was neatly tucked within the confines of the wood and invisible at a glance.

Materials used:
  • Scrap piece from KARLBY countertop (free, new countertop cost $149)
  • LEDBERG LED strip colored (I used an Osram LED-strip I had laying around) ($24.99)
  • Scrap wood blocks (free) (optional)
  • 4 screws (Box of 200 – $4)
  • 4 hooks (Box of many – $4)

How to make a wood pendant light from scrap

I started out by finding a piece of scrap KARLBY countertop that had the dimensions I liked. And then planned how to hang it.

I went for a long rectangle but this can work equally well with any shape.

KARLBY countertop

Cut the scrap wood blocks to size and place them along the center of the width of the light.

I placed the end blocks further in from the main piece because I wanted the light to be softer on those ends. If you like even light from all sides, space the wood blocks evenly.

wood pendant light

Screw on the wood blocks that will support the LED-strips onto the KARLBY piece.

(As an alternative to using the wood blocks to support the LEDs, you can stick the LEDs directly to the KARLBY. The light will bounce off the ceiling. This will result in softer and dimmer light.)

LED circuit

Find a good place to attach the power supply.

Screw in the hooks.

LED circuit

Wrap the LED-strips around the wood blocks. Be careful not to angle them too sharply as this can interrupt the circuit.

Cut the strip to size. If you wrap it the way I’m showing here, the light will appear continuous.

wood pendant light

Attach two hooks to the ceiling with the same spacing as on the wood, but facing the other way.

Hang your new lamp on the hooks.

wood pendant light

Enjoy the ambient light that comes from your new lamp and test out what colors you like best.

wood pendant light

~ by B. Alexander