Teens room gets makeover after IKEA store inspiration

This hack is for our soon-to-be teenagers room. It consists of a KARLBY worktop turned into a desk/bed headboard, ESPEVÄR Slatted mattress bases that double as couches during the day, and also an idea for a room divider after a visit to the IKEA store.

My two older kids share a room and used to have a bunk bed that was getting too fragile for their size and weight. Entering their teenage years, they also wanted a bit more privacy from each other.

We decided to have some kind of room divider, but we didn’t want to make it into 2 small rooms. Inspired by the IKEA store decor dividers, we made our own divider to split the room in two areas (made with birch plywood and nordic pine wood).

teenage room ideas
teenage room ideas

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I know there are a lot of KARLBY hacked desks, but they are mostly the kitchen worktop with 4 legs or mounted on some cabinets.

This one has a twist.

For the two desks I used 3 worktops (two with 1.86m length and one with 2.40m) and a pair of GODVIN legs (similar to ADILS) for each. The longer worktop was chopped into smaller parts: two with the same length as the GODVIN legs and work as middle legs for the desk; then 4 more smaller parts.

Two of them were used to make the bed headboards, and the other two to make the desk extend to the wall past the curtains.

desk and headboard

The parts were fixed together using “L” brackets, and the desks were also fixed to the room divider in the same way. The headboard will later be turned into a drawer (but for now is fixed).


The beds are ESPEVÄR slatted mattress bases, and they slide under the desk during the day doubling as a couch (felt pads on the feet make sliding easy).

couches by day

The rest of the room is also IKEA decorated, but without any hacks.

teenage room ideas

As for the room divider, it is not an IKEA hack but inspired by a divider we saw at IKEA, pictured below.

IKEA store room divider

So, in case you’re curious …

The divider had to be very sturdy, to be able to withstand the abuse 2 teens will surely give it. So I decided to reinforce it with 16mm threaded rods. One of them goes from floor to ceiling. The others just serve as connection between the lower part and the top.

room divider base
room divider

The lower part also has a wood structure, and one of the panels is fixed, the other one removable if repair or adjustment is needed. (It’s kept in place with the bolts that hold the desks, as well as some hard drive magnets) In the end, the divider was also screwed to the wall.

~ by Miguel Barroso