An IKEA DJ Booth completes this supercool hideaway

ikea dj booth

After completing the bar in my garage, I had planned on adding a DJ Booth using IKEA elements. Finally, it is finally complete.

IKEA items used:

  • 6 x KALLAX units 77x77cm (202.758.14)
  • 2 x packs of CAPITA stainless steel legs – 16cm (102.678.95)
  • 1 x LINNMON black-brown table top – 200cmx60cm (802.513.58)
  • 6 x RÄCKA white curtain rods 120-210cm (902.171.61)
  • 1 x BJÄRNUM foldable hooks (3 pack) (601.525.90)

Other item used:

DJ booth IKEA KALLAX hack:

So … I started off with the 6 x KALLAX units, assembling them as per instructions.

kallax 2x2

KALLAX shelf unit |

I measured up 20cm from the bottom of each cube, and 5cm in from the back of each cube, on both sides and marked with pencil.

Then, I carefully drilled 17mm holes all the way through the middle shelf and only through the first layer of the outer sides (left & right).

Next, I measured across the KALLAX unit (77cm) and cut the RÄCKA poles to approx. 75cm each. I then disassembled each KALLAX and fed the RÄCKA poles through the holes so they rested on the outer edges as below.

Vinyl record stopper in KALLAX

I did this top and bottom for all 6 x KALLAX units. The RÄCKA poles act as a stopper for 12” vinyl records, without having to board up the back of the unit. It means all vinyl sit neatly, approx 15mm inside the shelf. 

vinyl records in KALLAX unit

Setting up the flight case

Next it was time to make a worktop for the flight case that has 2 x Technics SL1210 turntables and a mixer.

I had a LINNMON table top cut to size and the nice edge of the cut off glued back on, so it looked like it had never been cut!

LINNMON table - cut

Next up was the legs for the table top — 2 x 4 packs of CAPITA 16cm adjustable stainless steel legs.

I turned the LINNMON table top upside down. And carefully marked and attached the CAPITA legs to the underside of the LINNMON. Positioned them so they would rest nicely on top of the 2 KALLAX units.


This now gave the the correct height to set the flight case on. 

An IKEA DJ Booth

I needed room underneath the LINNMON table top for an AV Receiver, PlayStation & Sky Box as they feed the projector mounted on the ceiling which projects to the big screen at the front of the room. The CAPITA legs are ideal for this as they are adjustable in height.

An IKEA DJ Booth

Small but essential touches

Then it was time for the finishing touches … up next was a BJÄRNUM foldable hook for my headphones which I simply screwed on to the front of the KALLAX.

BJARNUM hooks for headphones

When not required it can be nearly closed up.

BJARNUM hooks closed

Then it was time for some trick lighting … I researched and researched and found the GOVEE Dream Lights kit on Amazon. I chose the 10m pack (2x5m rolls). This was then mounted on the rear of the KALLAX units and underside of the LINNMON table top at the front. 

*Note* – use alcohol wipes to remove all dust and surface dirt so the 3M self adhesive sticks properly

GOVEE lighting
LED lighting strip

I chose the GOVEE Dream Light kit as it has 8 different colours, various colour changing modes and a MUSIC MODE (see video)

Here are more photos of the DJ booth in different colour modes.

An IKEA DJ Booth
An IKEA DJ Booth
An IKEA DJ Booth
An IKEA DJ Booth

Total Spent in IKEA: £222.50

Total Spent on other fittings: £49.99

The IKEA KALLAX DJ Booth, along with my previous home bar hack, has provided me with a perfect escape out in my man cave during lockdown!

Stay Home, Stay Safe

~ by Jonny Small, Belfast