Playroom Table with Storage


  • Ikea Capita 6 1/4″ legs (4)
  • Ikea Trofast wall storage (2)

1) Assemble the two Trofast wall storage units.
2) Cut a board (I used 2’x4′ mdf panel) to your desired width and 39″ to match the length of the Trofast units.
3) Flip the Trofast units upside down and attach the board using screws.
4) Mount the 4 Capita legs to the board.
5) Place the unit on its legs and attach your tabletop (I used a recycled dining room table cut to 39″ x 30″).
6) Paint the table your desired color.

Playroom table with TROFAST storage

Playroom table with TROFAST storage

~ Tom Hoffman