A sound idea: My stay at home desktop tiny bass rig

IKEA ENEBY sounds better than expected.

Now with the Covid-19 everybody stay at home thing I annoyed my loved ones and neighbours frequently with my bass practice.

To avoid this I needed a desk top configuration with a few conditions:

1. Has to fit on my desk (duh)

2. Has to sound GOOD

3. Has to sound good at low volume

I noticed that my IKEA ENEBY 30 powered bluetooth speaker has a really good bass rendition.

So, as I know it also has a mini jack entrance, I thought I try hooking it up with a pre-amp and equalizer and give it a go.

ikea eneby desktop tiny bass rig

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WOW! This set up sounds soooooo good that I’m not going back to using a genuine bass amp for practice in my apartment.

  • IKEA ENEBY bluetooth speaker
without fabric cover

IKEA ENEBY bluetooth speaker | Buy on IKEA.com

Other materials and tools: 
  • Art Tubepac tube pre-amp/compressor
  • Ampeg Analogue Bass preamp

All you need to do is hook up pre-amp to Eneby 30.

ikea eneby desktop tiny bass rig

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Hook bass to preamp, turn devices on and play.

It sounds soooooo good!

I can imagine it being very usable for guitar and keyboard too.

OK. I understand this basically is not a real ‘hack’. It just is an IKEA ENEBY 30 powered speaker hooked up to some other stuff. But, as I am so enthusiastic about it and there might be a lot of bass and /or guitar players out there who could benefit from this, I thought I’d share.

~ by Hans Swaep

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