Q: How to join two LACK tables together temporarily?

join lack tables

I’m looking for a way to join two square LACK tables together.

This is so that they can easily and quickly form a play table for my son to put his railway on but be separated and stored away at the end of the day.

LACK side table

LACK side table | IKEA.com

Any ideas would be welcome but ideally need to not have things sticking out.

I did consider bolts on the underside …

Please feel free to make any other suggestions.

Thank you!



Hi Victoria

Two LACK side tables are great as a base for a train play table.

train play table

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Bolt them

Your idea of adding sliding barrel bolts on the underside will work. Just make sure you screw them onto the edges of the LACK table with solid material and not the paper filler.

bolts to join LACK tables
Velcro to the rescue

Besides bolts, you can also use a long strip of Velcro along the sides of the two LACK tables to keep them together. Like so.

velcro to join LACK tables

Credit: The Handyman’s Daughter

A handy LACK Lock

I also found a readymade solution on Etsy. Seems like you’re not the only one who wants to join two or more LACK tables together.

LACK lock to join tables

The LACK Lock slides over two legs and is held in place with an integrated, low visibility screw. They can even make the locking adapter in a wide variety of colors to match the colour of your LACK tables. The lock can be removed when your son has finished playing. But maybe not as easy to disengage as Velcro or barrel bolts.

Let us know the quick and easy solution you end up with.

Happy hacking,


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