Sheet pan storage rack that’s just right for this slim spot

After years of using various sheet pan storage solutions, including the expandable pot lid rack, I came up with this idea to use up the dead space between my fridge and the wall.

With this GNEDBY sheet pan storage rack, I’ve freed up so much more space on my other shelving units now.

IKEA items used:
GNEDBY DVD/ CD shelving unit

GNEDBY DVD / CD shelf unit | Buy on

Other materials:

Hacking a sheet pan storage unit:

First, remove the backing from two GNEDBY units.

Then, brace them together back to back with mending plates, each pair approximately 27″ from the top and bottom of the units.

sheet pan storage rack - IKEA GNEDBY hack

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Make sure the last GNEDBY is intact with its backing. And then attach it to the first two units to create a 3-unit deep GNEBY.

Adjust shelves to desired heights (the most time-consuming part of the hack but also the most fun).

Slot the unit into the space. Load up the shelves and you’re done!

sheet pan storage rack - IKEA GNEDBY hack
Total cost:

I acquired the GNEDBY units for $50 (CAD) via FB Marketplace and bought the mending plates and screws for about 15 bucks. Total cost around $65 CAD.

What’s the hardest part of the hack?

The hardest part of the hack was waiting for the right deal on the GNEDBY units.

And then figuring out the best combination of heights for the shelves, and fighting with some stubborn peg holes.

~ by Mark H. (Toronto, Ontario)

Jules Yap