ÄPPLARÖ sofa gets new arm and it extends

Last summer, I purchased the ÄPPLARÖ corner sofa for my deck renovation:


ÄPPLARÖ corner sofa | IKEA.com

I loved how the back of the sofa fit perfectly in between the posts of the arbor, and it is a great lounging sofa.

What I didn’t like was how high the one side arm was. I kept hitting my arm on it when sitting at the table. And the cushions would not stay put on the side that did not have an arm.

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I was looking for a way to add arms to both sides that were lower and would hold the cushions in place. I was originally thinking I would purchase the ÄPPLARÖ armchair for $45 and attached the chair arms to the sofa.


ÄPPLARÖ armchair | IKEA.com

But when I finally was able to go to my local IKEA (closed due to Covid-19), they were out of the armchairs. 🙁 So I started to look around for something else to use instead. I found the gate-leg table on sale for $59!

gateleg table

ÄPPLARÖ gateleg table| IKEA.com

Items used:
  • ÄPPLARÖ sofa
  • ÄPPLARÖ gate leg table
Other materials:
  • Just a couple of deck screws
Tools needed:
  • Circular saw (I used a chop saw)
  • Cordless drill
  • 3/8” drill bit, and screwdriver bits
  • Allen wrench that come with the furniture

What I did to give my ÄPPLARÖ sofa new arms:

I cut the legs on the middle section down about 6″. I used the side leaf as a guide and didn’t actually measure it.

new sofa arms

Then, I assembled the middle section using IKEA’s instructions. On what will be the inside of the table arm, I removed the hinges. But used the outer side hinges to attach the leaf, per the instructions.

ÄPPLARÖ sofa gets new arms
ÄPPLARÖ sofa gets new arms

I decided to keep the functionality of the gateleg leaf, although I will probably never put it up as it blocks the stairs to the yard. But I like the clean look of the slats on the side.

ÄPPLARÖ sofa gets new arms

I lined up the legs of the middle section of the table to the legs of the couch and secured them with a couple of screws.

On the other side of the sofa, I used the other table leaf as the arm, since I have limited space there because of the table and chairs.

I used the original arm as a template to drill new holes and secured it using the hardware that came with the couch.

new arms

Really love how it turned out! It required minimal modifications and offers tons of functionality.

ÄPPLARÖ sofa gets new arms

Now, I have a place to set my cocktail and my cushions stay put.

How long and how much did it cost?

The couch had been purchased last year and was $590.00, the gateleg table was on sale for $59.00, and it took about an hour to complete.

~ by Terri

Jules Yap