4 creative ways to use the EKET cube as a bedroom nightstand

Over at our FB group, Shaunna asked, “Has anyone used the EKET cube in bedrooms as a side table (or a nightstand)?”

She posted the photo below as a reference.

EKET cube nightstand

Source: Unknown

Yes, we definitely have done that.

And so, let us show you a few popular ways to use the EKET cube as a nightstand. Let’s go!

EKET cube

EKET cabinet | IKEA.com

#1 Wall-mounted EKET cube nightstand

The first is to wall mount the cube next to the bed, as per the inspiration photo. IKEA also recommends it.

EKET cube nightstand
Credit: IKEA.com

If you find the cube too large for small bedside items, add a shelf across it. We have a hack for this.

divider shelf

IKEA has also introduced drawers for the EKET. So that’s a nice option if you prefer closed storage.

eket with drawers
Credit: IKEA.com

Since the EKET is actually a LEGO system disguised as furniture, it opens up a lot of different combinations. Like so:

wall mounted cube combination
EKET cube nightstand
Credit: IKEA.com

Are we getting somewhere?

Awesome. Let’s get to the next method.

#2 With feet or wheels

IKEA sells an underframe and metal legs to match the EKET range.

EKET cube nightstand

You could also opt for casters to make a rolling cube nightstand.

Or attach any other legs you fancy. Like this one with hairpin legs.

bedside table with hairpin legs

#3 Double it up

If the cube is too small, the EKET comes in a larger version. Like this by @mister_univers. Lovely with hairpin legs and a splash of paint on the drawer fronts.

IKEA EKET nightstand hack

#4 Drop-down door

Just a reorientation of the EKET cabinet with door and voilà, cute side table and cabinet. Linda & Louise painted the EKET and pasted vintage wallpaper on the cabinet front and insides. See more on Pretty Pegs.

Have we got you excited? Here’s what you can do next.

Jules Yap