9 Clever IKEA EKET Hacks You Need to Try Today

The IKEA EKET range is a modular storage system that provides you with ample combinations of shapes, sizes, and colors to create your personal storage space solution, either with open or closed units. If you like the cube shelving style of the KALLAX but prefer a little more flexibility, the EKET is right up your alley. It’s a beautiful and fun design.


The EKET is relatively easy to assemble, thanks to the dowel system and pre-drilled holes. One important assembly tip: IKEA marked the first panel with the number “1” on its side and this panel HAS to be the first step in building the cube. You need to follow the sequence. Otherwise, it simply won’t fit. 


eket assembly first panel

Their online EKET planner tool allows you to create and personalize your storage solution so you can visualize the effect before buying the solution. They also have pre-designed solutions that you can customize. The EKET solution can be stacked or wall mounted and is easily paired with the KALLAX shelving units for an endless variety of choices.


The units are made of fibreboard and particle board with a honeycombed structured paper filling that is 100% recyclable. Each horizontal surface can carry up to 15kg of weight, making storage and displaying a pleasure, all while being creative and modern.




The IKEA EKET series offers a range of open and closed storage boxes that you can customize to create your own combinations by mixing and matching colors, shapes, and textures to create something totally unique. It easily combines with the BESTÅ series, if you need more variety in your combination.


When planning your EKET, bear in mind the wall shelving units are available in 2 depths: 13 3/4″ (35 cm) and 9 7/8″ (25 cm). The cabinets are only 13 3/4″ (35 cm) deep but are available in 2 widths: 27 1/2″ (70 cm) and 13 3/4″ (35 cm). 


This makes the system stackable as 2 small cubes will fit on top of one large cabinet. 


1. EKET Cube Shelving Units And Cabinets

ikea eket wall shelving units

The cube shelving and cabinets are great for small-spaced solutions. They make trendy floating bedside tables and can be customized with doors and drawers. The cabinets are great for organizing and storing clutter or adding space to small areas to maximize storage.


2. EKET Inserts And Accessories

ikea eket cabinets


Creating storage doesn’t have to be boring. With the EKET inserts and accessories, you can customize your shelves and boxes with doors, legs, and fittings to add a personal touch to each cabinet and shelf. 


IKEA Hacks For The EKET Range


Tired of the same old décor in your house, or maybe you changed your style, and your old EKET range doesn’t match the theme anymore? Then you will love these ideas of repurposing your EKET boxes and cabinets to create new chic furniture.


EKET nightstand hack


Bored with your antiquated nightstand? Convert your EKET box into a trendy and functional nightstand. You can use a cabinet turned lengthwise with a chain or rope holding the door as extra table space or create a stacked nightstand effect. Either way, it’s a fun project and gives your room a fashionable makeover.


EKET side table hack


If you want something more retro, convert an EKET box shelf into a trendy hairpin side table. The perfect couch accompaniment, which is functional, as well as decorative, and trust me, your friends will want one too.


Stunning EKET cube bookcase 


Large walls can make a room look stark and empty, but this unique EKET cube bookcase can add depth and texture, creating a whole new dimension to your living space or office. Perfect for displaying ornaments or creating a unique feature for storing books.


Read on for even more IKEA EKET hacks.