Q: Shelving suggestions for corners of reach-in closets?

My daughter is getting a house that has a wall of reach-in closets (3 in total) with bi-fold doors. 

Two of the closets are approximately 7 feet wide by 2 feet deep. 

However, the bi-fold door opening is only 5 foot wide. 

reach-in closets with bi-fold doors

Image from previous owner

Thus, there’s about a foot on either side of the opening that is very difficult to get to, especially for hanging clothes on rods. 

I’d like to make the space more efficient and thought of putting some sort of shelving in each corner of the closets and then utilizing the hanging rods in the center of the closet. 

Has anyone taken on a project like this? 

I’m looking for suggestions on IKEA shelving for the corners of the closet or perhaps another idea to better utilize the space in the corner. 

~ by Deb


Hi Deb

We’ll love to see some of your hacks.

For corner closet shelving, IKEA modular systems seem to work best.

Option 1: Modular storage systems

Such as the ALGOT. Or its sturdier cousin, ELVARLI.

shelving option of reach-in closets

ALGOT walk in closet | IKEA.com

shelving option of reach-in closets

ELVARLI 2-sections | IKEA.com

You can easily configure the number of shelves or baskets to fit your daughter’s storage needs. Use the ELVARLI Planner to get the most suitable configuration.

Option 2: KALLAX

Moving away from modular systems, you can also consider the KALLAX.

KALLAX closet for kids

Katherine’s version features the KALLAX in the middle of the closet space. You can opt for 2 KALLAX facing each other. Place one on each hidden end of the closet and a clothes rail between them. Like so:

shelving option of reach-in closets

The KALLAX 1×4 is a bit short. For more vertical storage, you can stack two of them (if you have high ceilings) and secure them to each other and the wall. This will allow you to fix the clothes rail to one of the higher shelves.

Or you can mount the KALLAX itself to the wall.

kallax walk in closet
Option 3: IVAR system

One last suggestion would be the IVAR. Though not typically used for clothes storage, the IVAR is so flexible you can modify it to store anything.

shelving option of reach-in closets

IVAR open closet

It has a corner unit, if you really want to get into the corners. And IKEA offers so many bins and boxes you can use to organize your wardrobe.

shelving option of reach-in closets

Let us know what you end up using to maximize the space in your reach-in closets.

Happy hacking,


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