Q: How to recreate this Wayfair dresser with IKEA?

I’d like to create the Wayfair dresser pictured below using a MALM 3-drawer chest.

Wayfair Ellenberger Dresser

Source: Ellenberger 3 Drawer Dresser, Wayfair

I could wrap the sides and top in wood veneer.

The base (apron and splayed legs) are my dilemma.

wayfair dresser ellenberger

Source: Ellenberger 3 Drawer Dresser, Wayfair

Husb is DIY-handy and has a variety of tools.

Any ideas how this feature could be nicely replicated?

Thank you to all for any practical suggestions!

~ by Dee Cee


Hi Dee Cee

That’s a nice one from Wayfair.

Okay, so you’ve got the top and sides covered.

Now, let’s get to the base.

Recreate the Wayfair dresser base

First is to install a new support bar (indicated in orange below) to the back of the MALM.

MALM Dresser

Then cut a piece of wood board to size and fix it onto the base to reinforce it. Like so.

MALM base

The wood board will allow you to install legs onto the base.

I found a tutorial for similar DIY mid century modern angled legs as the Wayfair dresser. Your husband can quite easily whip it up. For stability, the tips of the legs should align to the width of the cabinet. Get the tutorial here.

angled leg base

Source: Designs by Studio C

Here’s another version with rounded legs.

If you rather save the hassle, there are many ready-made tapered furniture legs in the market. Check out Pretty Pegs for some unique ones.

Hope all goes well in your project. Do send it in when it’s done. We’ll love to take a look at the end result.

Happy hacking,


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