Q: Bed pocket or shelf ideas for STUVA loft bed

IKEA bed pocket any good? Find out here.

Dawn asks on our FB Group, “Got the STUVA loft bed for my son but would love something to hang off the side for a water bottle and book.

Stuva loft bed

STUVA loft bed | Buy on IKEA.com

I looked at the bed pockets but they look as though they would fall off with a tall bottle in it. Any ideas?”

And ideas we have!

IKEA Bed Pocket, not one but two versions

Irit comments “Actually IKEA has exactly what you need! It usually displayed where all the beds are. It is a pocket that you can hang on the side of the bed and it has sections for books, remote or bottle. It’s called the STICKAT.”

Besides black, it’s also available in pink and green.

IKEA STICKAT bed pocket

STICKAT bed pocket, black | Buy on IKEA.com

Shakil adds, “I have these. Pretty sturdy. You can also get a longer one in blue.”

The longer one is the MÖJLIGHET.


MÖJLIGHET bed pocket | Buy on IKEA.com

Nalle offers this advice: “The bed pockets work great, but if you wanna be EXTRA sure it stays put — take some Velcro with adhesive on one side. Place this inside the bed and secure it with a staple or two as well. Say the obligatory ‘That’s not going anywhere’ and bring out the sewing machine. Sew the other piece of the Velcro to the bed pocket. Use a contrast color thread for bonus points. Place them together and win!”

Moving away from IKEA, there are other solutions …

Dalene got this bedside shelf for her daughter and she says, “It’s been working pretty well.”

For the STUVA bed’s solid guardrail, this may be an ideal way to add a shelf.

bed shelf

Source: Amazon.com

Melissa chose these mesh baskets to hang over the rail. And they are perfect for her tween/teens.

mesh basket

Source: Amazon.com

Cheryl opted for a bike basket instead. What’s great about this version is it’s foldable when not in use.

bike basket

Source: Amazon.com

Maria, Randi and Hallvard all suggested bathroom organizers or shower caddies. Here’s one from Umbra that doesn’t look too “bathroom-ish”.

bathroom organizer

Source: Amazon.com

What other suggestions do you have for Dawn?



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