Q: PAX wardrobe with side cubby for bedside use?

I’d like to cut into the side wall to make a bedside cubby in a PAX wardrobe like photo shown. Any tips on how to do this or if it’s possible?

opening in wardrobe

Photo: Built in Wardrobe with Side Cubby by Sawdust Girl

My plan was to use a jigsaw to curve the corners slightly so I can iron on melamine trim.

I have a wardrobe each side with overhead cupboards above in my plan. So planned a bedside space on one side.

Sue Stone


Hi Sue

Yes, a bedside cubby in the PAX can be done. In fact, it’s been done! 🙂

bedside cubby
Cutting a bedside cubby tips

Make sure not to cut too close to the edges where all the fittings are. You’ll also need to leave enough margin to maintain the strength of the side panels.

The problem with the jigsaw is it tends to splinter the wood, more so particle board. Z, in the hack above, used aluminium profiles to cover up any jagged edges.

Some recommend prepping the board with masking tape over the cut lines. It helps but doesn’t make a huge difference, in my experience.

What’s more important is getting the appropriate jigsaw blade for the job. There are hundreds of jigsaw blades to choose from so talk to the experts at your hardware store for the best jigsaw blade recommendations for a curved cut and straight cut.

Another tip would be to score the cut lines with a box cutter before taking the jigsaw to it. This helps to minimize the tearing of the melamine foil when the jigsaw rips through it.

Good luck on the hack and I look forward to seeing your new bedside cubby.

Happy hacking,


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