5 ways to raise IKEA PAX wardrobe to fit 9 ft ceilings

On this week’s Hackers Help, Dennis asks:

“Do you know the best way to extend or raise the PAX wardrobe 236 cm version to better fit a 9-foot ceiling (Canada)?

pax komplement

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The 236 cm PAX looks great under a 8ft ceiling. I’m looking for something that will fit flush with and line up with the PAX doors, and extend to 9 ft.




Hi Dennis

IKEA used to sell a PAX Height Extension years ago, but sadly, that went away.

9 feet is about 274 cm.

The PAX wardrobe comes in 2 heights: 236 cm and 201 cm.

With the 236 cm version you will have a clearance of 38 cm. With the 201 cm, you’ll have a 73 cm margin. The height difference will let you play around with different options for the best fit — like LEGO.

Ideas to raise the IKEA PAX wardrobe

1. Get another PAX and cut down

The most obvious hacker solution would be to get the shorter 201 version and make your own height extension frame. This would be the most seamless and everything will line up well, if you have the tools and skills to do so. But it will cost quite a bit and leave a lot of waste.

PAX height extension to raise wardrobe

You’ll also need to cut up the PAX doors to fit the extension.

2. Raise the PAX instead

Another way to make this work is to build beneath the PAX rather than on top.

Jordan did just that with custom wooden legs. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Legs to raise pax wardrobe

Credit: Lauren Chorpening Day via Design*Sponge

3. Add in a base of drawer

The kitchen system (METOD or SEKTION) is a good match for the PAX. The depths are almost similar, though the widths are a bit tricky to match. But if you add them beneath the PAX wardrobe like drawers below, it works beautifully.

4. Cover up with taller doors

38cm is not a very large gap. You could make custom doors out of plywood (or any other wood board) and install them to the PAX. The ones below are for a kids’ room, but they demonstrate how the doors cover up the gap above the frames.

taller pax doors

5. Opt for another system instead

If the PLATSA is available in Canada, it offers a lot more flexibility to build upwards.

If not, try the SEKTION or METOD kitchen range. It absolutely works as wardrobe storage. Min used the METOD high cabinets to form the base of her wardrobe.

ikea metod wardrobe

You can try a 229 cm high cabinet topped with a 38 cm fridge top cabinet to give you a 267 cm high wardrobe. Add a cover strip at the top to close up the remaining gap if you wish.

Use the IKEA kitchen planner to help you plan your dream wardrobe.

Hope these ideas help you raise the PAX wardrobe to fit your high ceilings.

Let us know how it goes.

Happy hacking,


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