DIY ticket booth that’s easy on the pocket

I received an order from a client for a ticket booth, which was to be placed at the entrance to an auditorium. The client wanted it on a budget. So I turned to IKEA for materials to DIY an affordable but stylish ticket booth / counter.

All in, it cost us about €81.00 for materials.

The client loved it and it’s been used in the ticket office for the last 5 years, with no complaints.

At that time, IKEA sold a LACK end table, which unfortunately seems to be discontinued. IKEA stores in select countries still carry a KALLAX single cube which is very similar to the LACK end table, except for the casters and a slightly smaller dimension.

IKEA items used: 
IKEA DIY ticket booth
Other materials and tools: 

DIY ticket booth with IKEA LACK: 

First, I drew up my plan. And bought the materials from IKEA.


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Assemble the first LACK end table with wheels.

Then, mount another LACK end table on top of the first, without wheels and without the bottom panel.

Repeat mounting the third LACK end table.

IKEA DIY ticket booth

Now, taking the LACK side table, cut the legs to desired height and mount it on top of the 3 tiered LACK end tables. Fill in the middle gap with the cut legs.


Take the two LACK end table tops that were not used and mount them vertically from the counter top. Set them slightly apart, secured by small hooks from the LACK side table top.

IKEA DIY ticket booth
What do you like most about the hack?

The part I like most is its uniqueness and functionality.

What was the hardest part about this hack?

Connecting the table tops vertically.

~ by Inano

Jules Yap