How a tall side table hack solved this problem

When we moved into our new apartment, the first thing we did was set up our two VIMLE sofas in a corner. That’s when the problem surfaced – we needed a tall side table.

hole between sofa arms

The hole the two VIMLE sofas created

And not just any side table – one wide enough to fit the hole, and as tall as the VIMLE arm-rests. We’re talking around 80 x 85 cm of surface area, and roughly 65 cm tall.

Not a table IKEA has.

Everything I found was either too small, or too short.

I started looking for something that could fit this space in other places, but either I didn’t like what I found, or it was too expensive.

So, I went back to rule number 1: If it’s not an IKEA product, it can be made from IKEA products!

IKEA items used:
Other items used:

Making my tall side table

Basically, what I did was screw the OLOV legs onto the MELLTORP tabletop and adjust the legs to the height I needed.

Now something important to keep in mind is that the MELLTORP tabletop is pretty thin, and the screws that come with the OLOV legs are too long for it (which is why I added short screws to the list of items).

I didn’t notice this at first, so I was left with four ugly holes, and inspiration for the next step.

tall side table hack

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Aiming to cover up the holes somehow, I bought marble contact paper and set to covering the table. The marble contact paper wasn’t wide enough for the whole table, and when I added the extra part you could easily tell it was an addition.

That’s when the white electrical tape came to my rescue. I put it over the gap, and not only does it cover it beautifully, but also creates the illusion of a continuous pattern.

The final step was decorating the table with all sorts of things, amongst them the KNUBBIG lamp ($18, not including light bulb), and a plant in the stylish SKURAR plant pot, with the top painted gold. (That’s 2 IKEA hacks for the price of 1 right there!)

tall side table ikea hack

Now my living room has a unique hacked table that makes me smile every time I look at it!

~ by Shazan