Minimalist height-adjustable rotating coffee table

rotating coffee table ikea hack

A custom height adjustable rotating coffee table perfect for TV dinners.

After searching for a new coffee table for a long time and not finding what I was looking for within a reasonable price range, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

The idea I came up with features a rotating and height-adjustable stainless steel coffee table, combined with a sleek base. 

height adjustable rotating coffee table

The result might not be sturdy enough to sit down on it, but does a fine job as a coffee table.

IKEA items: 
Other materials:
  • Four 16mm screws

Height adjustable rotating coffee table:

1. Draw the outlines of the JULES height-control mechanism centered on the underside of the GREVSTA panel, use measuring tape to determine exact position.

2. Screw on the JULES height-control mechanism using four 16mm screws inside of the outlines.

Attention: Because the JULES seat shell is designed to be slightly tilted back, the height-control mechanism is not perfectly horizontal. You can counteract this tilt by putting the nuts included with the JULES frame between the panel and the mechanism on one side only. See picture.

attaching the Jules frame

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3. Assemble the JULES chair frame according to the IKEA manual. I did not include the wheels for aesthetic reasons. The wheels wouldn’t roll anyway because of their braking mechanism.

4. Attach FIXA floor protectors to the JULES feet.

fixa floor protectors

5. Combine tabletop and chair frame.

height adjustable rotating coffee table

Note: The GREVSTA panel’s steel finishing is limited to only three of its four sides, but because the underlying wood is painted in a steel-like colour, you hardly notice it.

height adjustable rotating coffee table

~ by Tom

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