KALLAX tall room divider with integrated desk

We used the IKEA KALLAX modules to build a room divider with a desk.

The main structure is a KALLAX 4×4 unit propped up by two 1×2 KALLAX units. Together they work perfectly as a room divider with an integrated desk.

The materials we used:
KALLAX units

Room divider desk instructions:

Step 1

Firstly, assemble the two units of 2×1 KALLAX and set aside for later.

Step 2

Then, assemble the 4×4 KALLAX but only half of the interior to create the space for the desk.

KALLAX tall room divider with integrated desk

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Here we sawed the wooden pins in half (provided by IKEA) to prevent them from sticking out of the panel above the desk top. The pins were originally used to connect the horizontal with the vertical pieces, which we have omitted in the build.


Step 3

Next, glue the 4×4 onto the 2×1 units. You can also add some L brackets to join them together more securely.

Step 4

Screw together the wooden frame, paint it in the desired color. Place in the KALLAX framing the open desk space. This is to provide additional support for the upper 2 rows of the KALLAX. (If you want a flush finish, make this frame in a wood board equal in depth with the KALLAX.)


IMPORTANT! As the room divider is very tall and narrow, it is vital to attach the room divider to the wall with secure fixings suitable for your wall. We used angle brackets screwed in the KALLAX top and screwed in the wall using wall plugs. 

Step 5

The last step is to insert the drawers and doors as desired. 

And finished!

KALLAX tall room divider with integrated desk

~ by Leendert and Nienke