Storage steps for non-IKEA full height bunk bed

Combining two IKEA classics to make storage steps.

We had a classic bunk bed with a steel side ladder. The bed is very nice, also because it came as a gift. But we just didn’t like the ladder.

Before …
bunk bed
bunk bed with ladder

So we looked up online for some ideas and we saw many examples. The bed, having a very high edge, was too tall for a TROFAST step unit stairs hack and therefore we had to add a STUVA wardrobe to create storage steps.

IKEA items used:
Other materials used:
  • 40 × 40, 400 × 100 planed wood strips
  • Hinges
  • Bolts
  • Anti-slip strips
  • LED strips
  • White and blue water-based enamel

Storage steps instructions:

The railing is composed by 40x40mm well polished poles that are anchored with screws to the IKEA structure.

Trofast storage steps with rails
trofast storage steps with rails
storage steps ikea hack
storage steps ikea hack

Since the STUVA structure is not made of solid wood, I had some doubts about its resistance. Even if only a 6-year-old girl had to climb it, I wanted to stiffen the upper structure with a 20mm board well anchored with screws.

Now I can climb that too (I weight 80kg) without problems or creaks.

reinforcing the stuva

I have inserted inside a DRÖMMARE mirror.

Having also removed the plastic safety edge on the top bunk, I made a themed railing with 400x100mm boards and 40x40mm poles as a structure, all held together with wood glue and screws. The structure is very solid and resistant.

safety rail
flip down safety rail
flip down safety rail

The structure is fixed with 3 hinges so that it can be flipped down to easily change the sheets. Once in position it is secured by 2 bolts inserted in the bed structure.

bolt latch
storage steps ikea hack

In addition, I inserted anti-slip strips on the steps.

TROFAST storage steps

I inserted along the side of the railing some LED stripes that light up when motion is detected. It’s powered not by electricity, but by 4 rechargeable batteries. The cables were masked with ducts behind the cabinet.

LED strips
TROFAST stairs with led lighting motion sensored
TROFAST stairs with led lighting motion sensored

Before all this I made a simple model in sketchup, then modeled and rendered with blender. This is the finished work.

storage steps

I strongly thank the user JMC1967 (Easy Full Height Bunk Bed Stairs) for giving me the idea. And much thanks to my friend Guido for helping me translate.

~ by Sir.Came