Large corner LINNMON desk with floating effect

My wife wanted a large desk to work on her Doctorate program. And combining the affordable LINNMON table tops into a floating corner desk seemed like the best solution.

corner floating desk

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The cost of the desk tops were $98 and the rest of the materials were $59.

IKEA items used: 
Other materials and tools: 
  • 4 white closet rods (as legs)
  • 1”x4” wood boards for wall cleats
  • Steel corner brackets

Hack a corner desk with floating effect 

Cut 1×4” boards to length matching the length of the combined tops.

corner floating desk wall cleat

The wall cleat along the length of the table top

Mount the cleats to the wall using drywall screws.

Then, mount the desk tops to the cleats using steel corner brackets.

steel bracket

Steel bracket to fasten the table top to the cleat

Supported the combined desk tops on each end using the closet rods.

end cleat

It’s a bit hard to see but it shows the cleat painted to blend in with the wall

Because of the wall cleats, we did not need to install a leg in the corner section to support the desk. This gives the desk a floating effect and makes the corner a lot easier to use.

When we picked up the three LINNMON table tops that we used for the desktop surface IKEA was sold out of all colors of the ADILS legs.  

Our LA area stores weren’t expecting them for over a month due to the number of people setting up home offices and home-schooling.  We didn’t want to delay the install.  

I bought simple 1 3/4” wooden closet rods and cut them to the 29 1/2” length my wife wanted for her desk.  I painted them white and used the closet mounting ‘cup style” brackets that came with them to hold the legs in place under the tops.  

This came out to about the same price as the ADILS legs (which would have been prefinished) and gave us the same ADILS clean modern look.   Anyone could easily use the ADILS legs for the same look. 

What do you like most about the hack?  

The ease of working with the Linnmon tops

What was the hardest part about this hack?  

Transporting the 48” corner top in a small hybrid 

What to pay special attention to?  

Keeping the entire top level left to right and front to back.

~ by Bob P.

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