Hackers Help: Corner table without corner leg?

L shape desk no middle leg

My question is this: I bought 2 LINNMON table tops to make a corner table.

1. 120 x 60 cm
2. 200 x 60 cm

FYI – IKEA does not offer the “LINNMON Corner Table Top” in our location 🙁

Corner table without corner leg?

I want to set them up as in the above image, but want to keep the corner clear (remove leg in blue), since I will have a monitor in the corner and want the free space.

Note: I will be moving the middle leg, needed for the larger table top, to the back side instead of right in the middle.

I found one hack on your site, where someone made frames for the tables tops and put the legs on those. But am looking for possibly an easier/simpler solution 🙂

straight brace

Was thinking about connecting them with something like mending plates, but am not sure how stable that will be.

Hope you have an idea for me.



Hi Jacob

Yes, it is possible to form an L shaped desk without the supporting leg in the middle. As you already figured out, you’ll need to find ways to reinforce that middle section. Mending plates are one way but you’ll need a whole bunch of them. And the LINNMON is not solid all through, so you will need to find the right spots for your screws to bite.

IMHO, the wider the surface area the plates cover, the more stable it would be. An alternative is to use the ALGOT metal shelving unit, like how it’s done here in this T-shaped Partner Desks. The ALGOT shelf holes line up rather well with the original holes in the LINNMON, which is a bonus. Check out the video of how Bryan made it.

T shaped partner desksThe truth is, the corner will never be as stable as having a leg there, so be careful not to put too much weight on it.

Happy hacking,