CPU stand that looks made for IKEA desks

Want a CPU stand next to your IKEA desk? Read on.

This isn’t a hack in the sense that it hacks traditional IKEA products – rather it finds new uses for traditional products.

This idea was born from our need to have more work space in our home office.

My husband and I both work from home, and he has a desktop computer. This used to mean it took up more desk space than we wanted it to, until this ingenious hack was born.

IKEA materials used:
Jonaxel shelf unit

JONAXEL shelf unit | IKEA.com

JONAXEL shelf unit as a CPU stand

It turns out that the thin JONAXEL is the perfect size for the computer’s processor. And the height of the small shelving unit plus casters is exactly the height of the IKEA MICKE desk (and I’m guessing most IKEA desks).

Jonaxel for CPU stand

So it even makes the desk a bit longer, as you can see in the picture. Instead of losing storage space, we gained some!

In the picture it may seem like the JONAXEL CPU stand is longer than the MICKE desk. It’s not, our computer drive is what’s longer, that’s all. 

jonaxel for CPU stand

Hope this hack helps others with a similar problem!

~ by Shazan

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