IKEA to ‘Buy Back’ used furniture, up to half price

IKEA Buy Back programme for old furniture

Hot on the heels of its first second hand store, the blue and yellow store is at it again: A Buy Back programme for old IKEA furniture.

It recently announced that it will begin a buy back programme starting November 24, just ahead of Black Friday.

The aim? To cut down on excessive consumption.

“By making sustainable living more simple and accessible, IKEA hopes that the initiative will help its customers take a stand against excessive consumption this Black Friday and in the years to come,” the company said in a news release.

This programme will be available in 27 countries, including the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia. Conspicuously missing from the list — the USA. Perhaps, it will join the programme at a later date.

Here is how it works: (the process may differ slightly from country to country)

You navigate to the Buy Back form on their website (see the one in Canada and Australia) and enter the necessary information. Then, you’ll be given an estimate depending on the condition of the item.

IKEA Buy Back programme for old furniture

Furniture in as-new condition may be repurchased for 50 percent of the original price. Items with minor scratches may get up to 40 percent of the original price, while well-used items may be bought back at a lower 30 percent of their original price.

Still a pretty good deal and a much better option than clogging the landfill.

You’ll then bring item (assembled) to the store, where it will be assessed and given a final quotation. If both parties agree on the price, the deal is sealed. And you’ll be given in-store credit to spend on new IKEA furniture.

All repurchased items will be refurbished and sold in the As-Is section of the store. Which gives us more “raw materials” to hack.

Here’s a list of eligible items under the IKEA Buy Back program:
  • All dressers, office drawer cabinets, small structures with drawers, show storage, sideboards
  • Bookcases and shelf units
  • Small tables
  • Multimedia furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Dining tables and desks
  • Chairs and stools
  • Chest of drawers
Items that are not accepted:
  • Non-IKEA furniture
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Mattresses, textiles and other soft goods (pillows, towels, etc.)
  • Items with glass
  • Baby and children’s furniture
  • Oversized pieces (e.g. PAX, BESTA, Kitchens, etc)
  • Any “hacked” items

So if there are any old items you don’t intend to upcycle or hack, consider the IKEA Buy Back programme. Let’s do our bit to reduce waste.