Mystery IKEA Sofa: The Name Game 4

We’ve not had this for a while — ID the IKEA aka The Name Game. So let’s put our heads together and solve this IKEA Sofa mystery.

Mystery IKEA Sofa #1

The first one is a mystery sofa from Oliver. It appears to have a slipcover over it.

Mystery IKEA Sofa

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For this kind of mystery, I usually turn to Comfort Works and Bemz, two reputable IKEA-compatible sofa slipcover makers. On their sites, you can find sofa guides to help you identify current and discontinued sofas.

The lists do not feature all IKEA sofas ever made but they are pretty extensive. So I took a look and ….

Comfort Works guide


… it looks like a TOMELILLA. Except for the seat. TOMELILLA has separate cushions instead of one long one.

Or it could also be a FARLOV, which features a long one-cushion seat.

I would recommend taking the measurements of the sofa against the TOMELILLA or FARLOV to confirm the model.

Mystery IKEA Sofa #2

The second is from Rondel.

Mystery IKEA Sofa 2

He says, “I’ve searched high and low for the model of this old IKEA Sofa. There is no tag anywhere, it’s upholstered, I think, cause I can’t see anywhere to remove the cover.

I would LOVE to buy a slipcover but no one knows what the model is. Can someone here tell me?”

It looks like a BACKA, with the tapered legs. That’s my best guess.

Getting a new slipcover is an awesome way to extend the life of your couch. There are many companies that make IKEA-compatible slipcovers, including some on Etsy and Amazon.

I’ve already mentioned two — Bemz and ComfortWorks. While I’ve not tried Bemz, ComfortWorks sponsored a sofa makeover for a friend. The slipcover was a good fit. And the fabric, colour turned out really great.

So yes, do give your sofa a new slipcover.

Now to those out there who can positively ID these sofas, over to you.


Jules Yap