IKEA + Curbed made an adorable 187 sq ft. tiny home

The fascination with tiny homes is stronger than ever. I spend too much time looking at tiny homes on Youtube and secretly harbour a desire to live in one, off grid. But can one live comfortably in one?

IKEA has teamed up with Vox Creative to prove that anyone, anywhere can live a more sustainable life — in a smaller home, without forsaking the comforts of life or well-thought out design.

On the project site, they say, “Right from the start, our goal was to show how the small choices we make at home can have a big impact on the world around us. We worked with members of the IKEA design team, IKEA’s sustainability managers, and tiny home building experts to bring our vision to life, and the IKEA Tiny Home is proof that sustainability and affordability can go hand in hand—without compromising design.”

As a result of the collab, they built a home on wheels that’s stylish, sustainable, and affordable. Best thing about it? It all fits into about 187-square-feet.

Building from ground up

The team built the tiny home on a flat-bed trailer as the base. Then, they fitted it with plumbing for running water and powered the home with solar panels. Designers chose materials that were renewable and recyclable. To understand the full works, watch the explainer video here.

IKEA Tiny Home
Josiah and Steph Photography

The layout was simple, with the sleeping, living and kitchen zones taking almost one-third of the total space respectively.


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An IKEA NORDEN gateleg table for dinner. Then kept away when eating is done.


The KUNGSBACKA kitchen fronts, which are made from recycled water bottles, was one of the first things the designer chose for the tiny home. It looks striking too, against the white interior.

IKEA Tiny Home - kitchen

The tiny house was built back in March and was scheduled for a nationwide tour across the US. However, plans fell through due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

IKEA Tiny Home - bathroom
Josiah and Steph Photography

Nevertheless, the team has taken the tiny house on a digital house tour. And you’re invited.

To read more, visit the project page.