IKEA gingerbread furniture is too cute. Free download.

This may be IKEA’s most delicious range yet … GINGERBREAD furniture.

The Gingerbread Höme kit includes furniture-shaped cookie cutters and simple instructions, so you can furnish your gingerbread house with edible versions of iconic IKEA furniture.

IKEA gingerbread furniture

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Pieces include the STRANDMON wingback chair, the ever popular BILLY bookcase, LACK side table and three others to complete the set. You can’t furnish the whole house but it would be enough to create a yummy gingerbread scene.

Free gingerbread furniture templates

First, download the kit for free here and then print them out. In true IKEA fashion, they resemble regular IKEA assembly manuals with step-by-step illustrations. No Allen wrench required.

After printing, you will need to cut out the template of furniture pieces.

IKEA gingerbread furniture

Outline the pieces on the dough and then cut them out

Then, comes the exciting part. Make a fresh batch of gingerbread dough. Lay the template on the dough and trace around them to cut out pieces of gingerbread.

Then bake, assemble, and decorate!

Assembling the pieces seems like a delicate job. The manual suggests either warm sugar or icing to “glue” the pieces together. It says, “When using sugar: melt some granulated sugar in a frying pan to make dipping the big gingerbread pieces easier. The sugar dries quickly, in a minute or two. This step is hot, so be careful!”

Sounds like a recipe for lots of deformed tables and chairs.

IKEA gingerbread furniture

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how perfect the gingerbread home looks. It’s the sweet warmth and laughter that truly makes a house a home. Even a gingerbread one.


VINTERSAGA gingerbread house, $3.99 | IKEA.com

For those who want to do this more than once, download the 3D printing files to make reusable cookie cutters.

Have you tried this? Let us know how it went.

All images on this post courtesy of IKEA.

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