Q: How was this hacked or put together?

I am not trying to submit a hack, but rather figure out how this unit was ‘hacked’ or put together.

The dates I found on a couple pieces was 1999. This was disassembled from my mother’s (now deceased and no paperwork on unit) house and now I am trying to reassemble, but can’t figure how to find directions as I don’t know the ‘names’ of the IKEA components.

unknown IKEA cabinets

I was hoping someone in your community might be able to help me figure out names, or possibly even have some directions on how to put together or where to find directions.

Or even direct me to a site where someone could give me advice, help or whatever. IKEA has not been helpful at all. They told me to buy a new unit…. But I really like this one

Whatever help you can give would be much appreciated.

Thank you



Hi Sharon

My best guess is an IKEA BONDE. But I can’t be sure unless I can take a closer look.

Found this photo of the IKEA BONDE on eBay and it does look similar-ish. And the squares do fit the LEKMAN boxes as do the one in your photo.

The only thing that throws it off are the shelves. In the BONDE they are all squares, so I’m not sure if your mother hacked the shelves to be adjustable.

IKEA bonde

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Take a look at the BONDE instrument manual and see if that helps.

Alternatively, if you can find a barcode or any such thing, try Google searching the product code and see if you yield anything.

You can also try browsing an 1999 catalog for clues.

That’s all I got. Anyone else? Drop your comment below.

Good luck on your search.


Jules Yap