Q: How to turn the KALLAX into a filing cabinet?

A question popped up on our Facebook page which Allen had a great solution for.

Izzie asks, “I’m looking at a way I can use my KALLAX storage unit as a way to store files neatly and in different sections in a cube, like a filing cabinet. I already have the 2 drawer insert and the DRONA box inserts but happy to buy others if they work better.”

kallax filing cabinet

KALLAX shelving unit | DRÖNA box | KALLAX drawer insert | IKEA.com

Thank you!

~ Izzie


Hi Izzie

Yes, you can definitely turn the KALLAX into a filing cabinet. And good thing you already have the DRÖNA boxes cause you’ll be needing it.

kallax filing cabinet

The Elba Go-Fix 84408SW Suspension Filing Basket fits into the DRÖNA snugly. See the full post for the hack here.

Allen says, “The files are easy to access by pulling the boxes partially or fully out. The Elba fits tightly and provides the DRÖNA a rigidity that means the weight of the files does not cause the box to crumple up.”

Hope that works for you.

Happy hacking,


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