Q: Alternative dimmer switch for IKEA LED bulbs?

Chime in on recommendations for an IKEA LED bulb dimmer switch.

I am not sure if I am the only who has ever wanted this hack but here goes.
As you know, IKEA sells a bunch of LED bulbs advertised as “dimmable” such as the E14 and GU10 bulbs. Here is one example.

alternative dimmer switch for IKEA LED bulb

LEDARE LED bulb GU10 400 lumen, warm dimming | IKEA.com

It even has a demonstration video showing the dimming feature using a circular dimmer switch. And as we dim lower, the light becomes warmer. That’s nice!

These bulbs can be installed in any regular light fixtures like in the SKURUP track light but their dimming functionality cannot be used without a compatible dimmer switch.

The regular dimmer switches sold in most electrical shops are only suitable for incandescent lights.

I have tried those and it caused the bulbs to flicker and clicks. And at the lowest setting, the lights still seem too bright as opposed to darker and warmer as claimed in the IKEA product page.

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What about specialized LED dimmer switches you ask?

Well based on my experience so far I have never found any electrical shops selling those, at least here in Malaysia.

I think right now the only way to actually dim those bulbs is by using them in specialized light fixtures with built-in dimmer such as the TARNABY table lamp or NYMANE wall lamp.

So by installing these bulbs in a regular light fixture we are kind of not using the bulbs at their full potential.

So I am wondering if there’s any hackers out there who have managed to solve this dimmer switch conundrum of IKEA LED bulbs.

~ by Saiful, Kuala Lumpur


Hi Saiful

I’m not much of a help here. Nevertheless, I’m posting this so someone with more electrical experience may advice. Anyone?

Until more of the TRÅDFRI range reaches our shores, I’m afraid we’re limited in the lighting department.

If you do find a solution, do circle back and let us know.