Q: Can I make a king size IKEA MANDAL bed?

I would need some help, advice or opinion on the possibility and realisation of my idea.

I really like the MANDAL bed but unfortunately they don’t come in king size (180×200).

mandal bed ikea

MANDAL single bed with storage | IKEA.com

So my idea is to join two single MANDAL beds together.

king size mandal bed

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I don’t have a lot of experience in woodwork but the idea was to simply use some kind of metal plates (image below) to screw the tops of beds together (the tops of beds are flat). I thought about three or four plates.

king size mandal bed
mending plate

Another option would be to screw the back panels of the bed together. The drawers open only from one side. (Might be better as the metal plates on top might tear the mattress?)

What kind of screws (if they are even the right thing to use) are adequate for this kind of joint?

king size mandal bed

Has anyone done anything similar or has an idea if this would work or how to do it better?

Advice is needed and much appreciated!

Thanks a lot,



Hi Ana

You’re on the right track.

I’ll definitely go with option 2 of bolting it from back of one bed to the other to make a king size MANDAL bed. It will be a neater finish compared to the brackets which will also work.

Any kind of wood screws will work.

Here’s how I would join the two MANDAL into one king size bed

First, use 2 – 3 clamps to hold the two beds together tightly.

Measure the thickness of the two side panels (combined as the centre panel). Get screws that are slightly shorter, so that they won’t poke through the other side.

Mark where you want to attach the screws. I’d suggest all along the side panels in a zigzag formation, screwed in from left and right side of the centre merged panel.

Blue dots — screwed in from bed on the left to right.

Yellow dots – screwed in from bed on the right to left.

king size mandal bed

Get it?

You’ll get a stronger hold when the screws come in from both sides. Use as many screws as you think necessary for a firm hold.

Then, use a drill to make pilot holes. Drill from Bed 1 through to the Bed 2 but not breaking the surface of Bed 2. (As a guide, use a masking tape to mark the depth to drill on the bit.) Repeat on the other side.

Use a screwdriver to secure the screws into the pilot holes you’ve just made.

It should be pretty straightforward as all the sides are flat.

Good luck on the hack and look forward to seeing it all done.

Happy hacking,