Q: Help me identify this IKEA office furniture

I would be SO grateful, if you could tell me the name of this IKEA system, so I can at least download the instruction manual, or do specific searches online to try and find a replacement drawer.

ikea effektiv office furniture

As you can see, the front of one drawer has broken, and I am unable to repair it.

As I don’t know the name of the system (although I’ve seen the same top part on your site), I’ve run into dead ends on all sides. I do not want to replace the entire $2K because of one drawer. And, I really like it.

Many thanks in advance.




Hi Heidi

It’s definitely a cabinet from the discontinued IKEA office range, EFFEKTIV. As you’ve mentioned, you’ve seen part of the EFFEKTIV here on the site.

ikea effektiv office furniture

And a shot of the IKEA EFFEKTIV drawers.

ikea effektiv office furniture

It is pretty much the same configuration of a shorter top drawer and deeper bottom unit, as per your reference image. The handles are not the same, probably a personal preference.

Here’s a copy of the drawer assembly manual which may be helpful in your repairs.

Good luck,


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