How to modify VIDGA curtain brackets for FYRTUR blind

I decided to do this hack because I didn’t want to mount the FYRTUR blind directly to the door; I was afraid of voiding the warranty.

As a result, I wanted to have it close in front of the handle so we would have a physical barrier to remind us the shade was down.

With it mounted above the door, I also thought a shade closer to the width of the door would be more aesthetically pleasing.

I modified the VIDGA brackets which are normally used for IKEA curtain rails to mount the FYRTUR blind to the wall above the door.

This hack can be avoided if you’re willing to mount the FYRTUR brackets to the ceiling. My ceiling is textured in such a way that mistakes would be hard to hide.

IKEA Items: 
fyrtur blinds vidga brackets


Other materials and tools: 
  • 4 ea #8 x 1.25″ wood screws to mount the VIDGA brackets to the wall
  • 4 ea of the following to mount the FYRTUR brackets to the VIDGA brackets:
    • M4 x .7 x 12 mm pan head bolts
    • M4 x .7 nuts
    • 6 mm washers
    • 5 mm washers
    • 4 mm lock washers
  • Drill with 1/16″ bit for pilot holes
  • Screwdriver with drill bits appropriate for the head style of the screws and bolts

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Modifying VIDGA brackets for FYRTUR blind:

1. Mount the VIDGA brackets spaced per the FYRTUR instructions (6.3 inches from the ends of the blind) using the #8 screws. Be sure to drill pilot holes with the 1/16″ bit to make it a little easier to put the screws in.

NOTE: This assumes you find wood; mount with hardware appropriate for the material you are mounting on.

2. Finish assembling the VIDGA brackets per their instructions (insert the nubby thing and the plate).

3. Put a bolt through the front of the FYRTUR brackets. It’s a little tight and requires screwing the bolt through, but this is very helpful.

4. Hold the FYRTUR bracket up to the VIDGA bracket with the bolt through the slot in the top of the VIDGA bracket. Add one of each of the washer sizes and then finger tighten a nut on the bolt.

vidga bracket

5. Insert the second bolt through the “long” hole in the FYRTUR bracket, again through the VIDGA bracket as well. Then add washers and nut.

6. Repeat 4 & 5 with the second bracket.

7. Tighten the nuts and bolts to the point where the FYRTUR brackets will slide stiffly. This makes it easier to put the shade up.

8. Mount the shade to the FYRTUR brackets and slide as far away from the door as possible.

Total cost:

About $200 US.

The shade and VIDGA brackets cost me about $186, including sales tax. The nuts, bolts, washers, and screws were probably $10 to $15, including sales tax.

Hardest part:

Figuring out how to mount the FYRTUR brackets to the VIDGA brackets.

What to pay special attention to:

1. The washer stack. Unless you can find a washer with a 1 cm outer diameter and 4 mm inner diameter, keep to the stack or there’s a strong chance it will all fall apart.

2. The VIDGA brackets are set up to accept conical head (wood) screws. I have never seen wall anchors that use this style head.

~ by Nate