All-in-one beer bottle drying rack, sanitizer and storage

Zaga is a beginner home brewer. Besides her Carboy she needed a beer bottle drying rack to properly sanitize and dry the bottles.

Most options she looked into were a bit expensive and also didn’t offer a solution for storing the beer bottles before rinsing them.

Enter the IKEA KUGGIS box. It’s sturdy, comes in a variety of sizes, and most importantly at only $7.99 definitely a steel compared to the other bottle drying options.

IKEA item used:
ikea kuggis box

KUGGIS box with lid |


DIY beer bottle drying rack

1. First, measure the diameter of your beer bottles. Zaga’s were about 2.4 inches or 6 cm in diameter. With that measurement, the KUGGIS lid could fit 20 bottles.

2. Draw a grid on the KUGGIS lid where the holes should be set. Each X marks the center of the hole.

3. Use the FIXA hole saw (or any other hole saw you have) and drill holes into the lid.

diy beer bottle drying rack

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4. Then, use a utility knife to smooth the edges of the holes. And we’re pretty much done.

diy beer bottle drying rack

5. To use the beer bottle drying rack, fill the KUGGIS box with sanitizing solution and soak your beer bottles.

6. Wash the bottles clean. And dry the KUGGIS box and lid.

7. Cover the KUGGIS box with the lid. Place bottles into the holes and let them dry.

diy beer bottle drying rack

8. When you’re not brewing, the box can be used to store empty beer bottles.

See the complete tutorial here.

~ by Zaga

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