Using the LACK table as a canvas for art

The IKEA LACK table is like an art canvas to me. And they are cheaper than canvas. It is also easy to transport between exhibitions or when sending to clients.

You can also use them as tables. Or as paintings, if you screw off the legs and hang them on the wall.

This is a 90x50x45 cm LACK coffee table I used for expressing a view of my life in Sweden, which I sum up as …

Life can be hard. Depending in where you live, the struggle of surviving varies. Living in Sweden is easier than in many other countries, even though you see “darkness” and feel “stuck” there are always paths to take you out of trouble. And all problems become like paths surrounded with beautiful cactuses.

IKEA items: 
Lack coffee table


Other materials: 
  • CD-ROM pieces painted with alcohol ink
  • Acrylic paint
  • Resin

How I created my LACK table art

Recycling materials by using them in my creations is something I like to do. In this case I used old CD-ROM discs.

cd rom pieces

I started cutting the discs in different shapes and colored with alcohol inks.

After deciding a composition, I glued the pieces on the table. 

table art IKEA LACK hack

Than, I poured black resin on the table and around the disc pieces.


Next day, I sanded the black resin and poured a new layer of transparent resin and let it to cure for at least 12 hours.

I sanded again the resin, painted lines and dots with an acrylic pen and poured a new layer of transparent resin.

table art IKEA LACK hack

Now I had to let the resin cure for week in able to cure hard. Last but not least, I screwed the legs.

table art IKEA LACK hack

The resin can withstand up to 50 ° C, if small scratches appear, polish the table with car polish, if the scratches are deep, the surface must be sanded with fine sandpaper to then pour a new layer of resin. All colours fade over time, to prolong the life of the colours, do not expose the table directly under sunlight for long periods of time.

Link to my blog with the work process.

~ Ana Gaines