3 standing desk converter ideas for your WFH set up

If you’re tired of sitting at your desk, try a standing desk converter. It sits on top of your desk and can be removed when you’re done standing.

There are ready made versions which are height adjustable and has more bells and whistles.

But if you’re looking for a simple (and affordable) standing desk converter, we have a few ideas for you.

Top choice: LACK tables

The LACK range of tables is one of the best choices for a standing desk converter. It’s light which means you can easily lift it onto or off your desk. It has chunky legs which allows you to screw in brackets. And cheap. That needs no explanation.

Standing desk converter

The hack above used the LACK coffee table. It’s wide enough for two monitors. Attach the BERGSHULT shelf and GRANHULT brackets to the legs. You’ll need to cut the BERGSHULT shelf to the right length.

You can also make a compact version with the LACK side table aka the Standesk 2200.

Standing desk converter

For a slimmer version, use the LACK TV stand instead as pictured above. You can omit the bottom shelf and add in a deeper KOMPLEMENT shelf, which serves as the keyboard tray. Trim the shelf to the right width and attach with brackets.

Standing desk converter

Here’s another version with the LACK TV stand, placed on top of a HEMNES desk.

Instead of installing the shelf at the recommended level, raise it to just 3.5 cm from the top so you can hang a pull-out keyboard tray under it. The shelf is still good for papers and stationery.

Crate idea for a standing desk converter

Richard created a standing/sitting desk for working from home, inspired by the old Standesk 2200 hack.

crates desk riser

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He used two KNAGGLIG crates stacked upside down, and a TRANHULT- SANDSHULT wall shelf attached to the crates. And that’s it. (You can also get cheaper IKEA shelf alternatives.)

IKEA crates desk riser

It can be hacked further for more storage. Remove the front horizontal panels and add a board within the crate to create a shelf.

But as it is, it’s surprisingly simple, and works great!

Go modular with shelves and legs
monitor shelf

If you’re shorter, this works great. Get two lengths of IKEA shelves (such as the lovely aspen TRANHULT shelf) and add CAPITA legs to make the platforms for the monitor and the keyboard.

All you need to do is place is on your desk and get to work.