How to make a Rust Industrial Pendant Light

We decided to alter the lights because the shiny finish did not match our interior office style. We have many reclaimed and distressed components in the office; i.e. reclaimed timbers and shiplap ceilings.

rust pendant light ikea hack

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Our cabinetry and other black colored items are matte black. Rusting the lights seemed to fit perfectly with our vision for the space, and in our opinion, complemented the already industrial look of the lights themselves.

IKEA item:
svartnora pendant lamp

SVARTNORA pendant lamp |

  • Sandblaster (hired out)
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Salt

How to make a rust pendant light:

Had the lights sandblasted by a professional sandblaster. This was to remove the shiny finish on the bell of the lamp. We made sure to leave the wiring housing alone (at top of the lamp), to not compromise the electrical or weight-bearing components.

We then placed the pendants outside and washed the newly sandblasted areas.

rust pendant light ikea hack
rust pendant light ikea hack

Applied a mixture of vinegar and salt to give a rusted finish. This was washed on in a quick motion to give some character (drips, patches).

The rust occurred within an hour or two—this is considered finished!

What do you love most about the rust pendant light?

We love the imperfect, industrial look the rust gives, and the way the lights contrast with the modern lines of the office.

rust pendant light ikea hack

The pendants don’t shed tons of light; more of a muted glow onto our tables for reviewing plans. This made it perfect for our vision; having them as decorative feature lights. We also love that these are one-of-a-kind pieces, specific to our office.

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~ by Ernest Neudorf, Quinis.