Device-free dinner made easy with these 4 ideas

A dinner sans phones, tablets and devices? It’s possible. Hopefully, without a lot of kicking and screaming.

We’re spending more and more time on our devices, scrolling, browsing and socialising. Even at dinner time, when families gather around the table.

What if there’s a spot for everyone to check-in their devices before they come for dinner? Here are 4 ways to set up for a device-free dinner.

device free dinner picture

Photo: SimpleGesturesStudio | Get this on Etsy

#1 Hang it up

Rachel’s family does not eat with their phones on the table. She used the FJANTIG towel hooks, and now everyone hang their phones before dinner.

device free dinner hooks
#2 Time to recharge

While you rest from your phone, it’s also time for it to recharge. Dock and charge up at the same time. There are lots of ways to hack a simple and economical charging station using IKEA items.

One of my favourites is the OSTBIT plate holder. Combined with a KVISSLE cable management box or any other box, it’s a versatile charging station with slots for all sorts of devices — phones, tablets and powerbanks. See the tutorial.

charging station
#3 Make it a display

We seem to adore our phones, so why not put it on show?

The IKEA picture ledges are ideal for this. Install the ledges on a suitable nook and place artwork, magazines and your devices to complete the set up.

Bonus! Add powerpoints to charge them up.

picture ledges

Photo: D2 Interieurs on HGTV

#4 Box it

Some restaurants practise this. They provide a pretty box for you to stash your phone for a no-phone-distraction-free meal. Why not do this at home too?

device free dinner box

Photo: Mark Love | Buy on Etsy

You can do the same with an IKEA box such as the MALLGRODA round box with lid, DRAGAN bamboo boxes, GLIS boxes or LUSTIGKURRE bamboo baskets with lid. Check the sizes of your phones and get the right sized box, either to store multiple phones in one box or individual phones.

IKEA boxes


What other great ideas do you have for a device-free dinner? Share with us in the comments below.