Q: FONNES and VEDDINGE doors colour match?

My name is Heiko, and I have a problem, and until I solve it I can’t finish my hack.

I wanted to replace my bookshelves, as it collected too much dust. Something like a highboard would have been nice for my apartment. Usually they are quite expensive, so I looked at IKEA. But there wasn’t something at the size and style I wanted to have. So I decided to hack.

I bought two PLATSA frame white 60cm x 40cm x 120cm and six HJÄLPA shelves. Between both frames I added two METOD wall cabinets 30cm x 37cm x 60cm with one UTRUSTA shelf 30cm x 37cm for each of them.

veddinge doors for this

I wanted to have only the middle part with the METOD cabinet open; the PLATSA frames should be closed. I decided to have white VÄRD glass doors 60cm x 60cm for the upper part of the PLATSA frames, for the lower part of the PLATSA frames I wanted to use white FONNES doors 60cm x 60cm. I plan to have a wooden board as top on it all.

The color of PLATSA and METOD matches perfectly, I guess they use the same color for it.

Now my problem.

FONNES doors at this size are out of stock in Germany and not available in my area, no idea when it will be available again.

But white METOD VEDDINGE doors are still available. They have the same size like the FONNES doors. So does anyone know if the white color is the same as used on the METOD cabinets?

Many thanks


Hi Heiko

I’m not sure whether the colours of the METOD VEDDINGE and PLATSA match.

fonnes vs veddinge doors

Photo: IKEA.com

But from what I can find out about them on the IKEA website, the VEDDINGE is a lacquered door with acrylic paint and polyester paint finish. While the FONNES is paper foil with clear lacquer. I’d presume the finish on the VEDDINGE doors will be smoother and glossier than the FONNES. But I can’t be sure as I’m in lockdown and won’t be able get to an IKEA store to take a look in person.

Perhaps someone else can offer advice? Please let us know in the comments below.

What else can you do?

1. You can order the VEDDINGE doors and return them if they do not match. That’s the good thing of the IKEA return policy.

2. Call up your nearest IKEA. Talk to Customer Service and ask them to check. They may not do it, but they may. So it’s worth a try.

Try an alternative hack

If your preference for a solid door is to cover up the things inside the cabinet, there are other ways to hack this. You can still use a VÄRD glass doors and add a screen such as cane webbing, fabric or even a wood board to match the top as you planned.

Billy cane door

Privacy stickers — especially the trendy reeded glass — is a stylish to cover up yet remain light and airy.

Let us know what happens next on your hack.

Happy hacking,


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