How to make a corner unit from regular BILLY bookcases

In the gangway to the bedrooms in his home, Marc needed extra place for the books to read in the bedroom. The most suitable space was a corner just outside the rooms. However, the corner BILLY unit sold in IKEA would have taken up too much space.

So, he took two regular BILLY bookcases and converted one of them into a corner element.

corner billy bookcases

If you join two normal BILLY bookcases in a corner you lose a lot of space in the corner which never more can be cleaned up. 

His solution was using the corner in full without losing any corner space.

IKEA item used:
Other materials:

Corner unit from 2 BILLY bookcases

First, assemble one BILLY bookcase according to IKEA instructions.

Then, assemble the second one but leave out one of the side panels where you intend to form the corner.

Place the second BILLY bookcase against the first at an angle. Then, use straight metal brackets to attach the two BILLY bookcases together at the top and bottom shelf.

metal braces

Next, attach metal brackets along the underside of the shelves. These should extend from the edge of the shelves and become supports for the corresponding shelf on the corner unit.

metal braces

For the finishing touch he painted the bookcases in red lacquer and covered the backs with wallpaper. You can finish it however you wish, or let it remain in regular IKEA finishes.

He did it a few years ago and he is still very satisfied of it. Many of his friends came alone to admire it and copy it!

And if you’re wondering, it is strong. The corner has no problem holding up a load of books. 

corner billy bookcases

~ by Marc Bucquoye