An IKEA item that’s surprisingly good for indoor climbing plants

Indoor plant trellis that goes up, down or all across.

The IKEA range of memo boards are not only good for holding up notes and photos. They work brilliantly for indoor plants, real or fake.

Let’s take a leaf from IKEA hackers who have made IKEA memo boards work as an indoor plant trellis.

#1 Make it blend into the wall

Vesna hacked the KORSMON memo board into an indoor wall plant trellis.

KORSMON memo board

KORSMON Memo board with clips |

All she needed was a spray of white paint. (You can also leave it in gold if you prefer it to stand out).

Install it to the wall according to instructions.

indoor plant trellis hack

And tie your plant onto the frame with twist ties or clips. The memo board blends into the wall and the plant becomes the main focus.

indoor plant trellis hack
#2 Spread it over a wall

Reddit user PlantTheEggplant opted for the black steel SÖSDALA memo board instead.

IKEA SOSDALA memo board

SÖSDALA Memo board with clips |

The boards were installed in a 2 x 4 grid creating a living wall in the dining room.

indoor plant trellis hack

Photo: PlantTheEggPlant

As seen in the IKEA Home of Tomorrow, multiple SÖSDALA memo boards and KAFFEBÖNA plant pots form an eye-catching feature. Keep them at a level where watering isn’t a pain.

Your plants inching along slowly? Temporarily pad it up with FEKJA plants while you cultivate your plants.

indoor plant trellis hack


#3 Hang it over a sunny window

Hang the memo board over a window. It does not block the view and the plants get the light they need. Win-win.

KVICKSUND memo board

KVICKSUND memo board |

Use string to hang up propagation jars and planters. And let them climb!

indoor plant trellis hack