Meatball scented candles bring home the IKEA smell

A candle that smells like meatballs?

At the back of my head, I’m thinking this is a huge departure from the collaboration with Ben Gorham, which resulted in the OSYNLIG collection, an artful range of 13 scents.

But strangely this meatball candle got me more excited than Mr. Gorham’s concoctions.

IKEA HUVUDROLL meatball scented candles for IKEA FAMILY celebration


IKEA created the HUVUDROLL Meatball Scented Candles to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of IKEA Family, the company’s loyalty programme. The goal is to bring the iconic smell from the store to your living room. Hmm … I’m not sure I want a lingering beefy scent in my home but TBH I’m curious whether it smells like the real thing. Aren’t you?

“For many people, one of the first things that comes to mind when they think of IKEA is their delicious and affordable Swedish meatballs,” Sho Matsuzaki, creative director at Ogilvy, which spearheaded the creative project with IKEA, told The NY Post. “There’s no other furniture brand out there with a food offering that has such a strong following. So for the IKEA Family 10-year anniversary, we thought it would be fitting to create something unexpected that our IKEA Family members and meatball super-fans would love. And yes, it does very much smell like IKEA meatballs.”

How to win the HUVUDROLL meatball scented candles

However, you can’t stroll into IKEA and buy a dozen of the unique beef-gravy-lingonberry candles.

IKEA HUVUDROLL meatball scented candles for IKEA FAMILY celebration


To get your hands on them, you’ll need to be an IKEA Family member and register for the IKEA Family 10th Anniversary Sweepstakes. Be sure to log on to IKEA’s website from August 6 to 22 to join the sweepstakes. No purchase is necessary, with the condition that members are 18+ and part of the U.S. IKEA Family Program.

IKEA will select 986 participants as winners of an IKEA Prize Box which includes the limited edition HUVUDROLL Meatball candle and other items. The gift box promises to give winners an immersive sensory experience of being at an IKEA store. 1,925 Runner Up prize winners will each receive a HUVUDROLL candle.

smells like ikea spirit


It’s not the first time IKEA used their famous meatballs in a promotion. In April 2020 IKEA released its signature recipe with the cooking steps depicted in its usual assembly instruction drawings.

Nor are they a stranger to experiences packed in a box. Last August, IKEA UAE came up with a fun staycation idea — Vacations in a Box — to bring a little wanderlust into your home.

Go take part and if you win, let me know whether the meatball scented candles evokes the IKEA feeling.

Jules Yap