3 ways to IMPROVE the POÄNG armrest for work and play

poang armrest hacks

The iconic POÄNG is one of the most popular armchairs in IKEA and with good reason. It’s comfortable, with timeless good looks good. And you can bring one home for less than $80.

The POÄNG’s bent wood armrests is its most striking feature and the area we’re focussing on today. Let’s see how we can make further improvements to it.

POÄNG armrest too hard?

#1 Use a foam padding

Julian bought ribbed foam padding to add extra cushioning for his elbows when watching TV, playing games etc.

ribbed foam padding
POÄNG armrest padding

He recommends using strong double sided tape to stick the padding to the POÄNG armrest. And to wrap it around the inside edge.

He got the padding from Amazon. Looks and works great.

POÄNG armrest padding
#2 Or a padded aluminium splint

A padded aluminium splint works too and can be removed without damage to the armrest. Colours, however, may be limited. Unroll, flatten and cut two 10″ lengths from either end of the splint. Round the edges and and fold them over the POÄNG armrest. See the full tutorial.

POÄNG armrest cushion

Need to work on the POÄNG?

#1 Laptop stand

The POÄNG armchair is, on all counts, very comfortable and ideal for watching TV or reading. But at times, you’ll want to snuggle down and work on your laptop. Here’s how to add a laptop stand to the POÄNG armrest.

Laptop stand for armchair

For an easy, “temporary” version, hack this one.

#2 Clip on mouse tray

A 3D printed clip on flat tray that fits the IKEA POÄNG. You can attach it to the armrest of the chair and use it as a mouse pad or just to place your snacks and drink. Get it here.

clip on tray
Photo: 3DInfinitygr

Arms in the way?

With the armrests, you can’t slide the POÄNG under the table. Or perhaps you just don’t like armrest? To remove the arms of the POÄNG, here’s the tutorial for it.

remove POÄNG armrest

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