IKEA Makes It So Easy To Add Wireless Charging To Your Furniture

SJÖMÄRKE ikea wireless charging pad

IKEA SJÖMÄRKE Qi wireless charging pad turns almost any flat surface into a charger.

IKEA is not a newcomer to the wireless charging scene, having incorporated them in various furniture such as lamps or tables. But they were, at best, limiting as the items did not always fit in with the decor or needs of the user.

The SJÖMÄRKE charging pad aims to change that.

With it, you gain the flexibility to mount it on a desk, shelf or bedside table, effectively turning almost any flat piece of furniture into an invisible charger.

IKEA SJÖMÄRKE wireless charging pad
Photo: IKEA.com

Which makes stealthy charger hacks like the one pictured below so much easier.

IKEA hack wireless charging pad

The IKEA SJÖMÄRKE wireless charging pad looks pretty easy to set up

First, decide where you want to mount it. It works best through all materials that are ⅜ – ⅞” thick (8mm – 22mm), except metal. Ironically, due to its range limitation, the SJÖMÄRKE isn’t compatible with a lot of IKEA’s desks. That includes the very popular LINNMON desk and the newer LAGKAPTEN.

Photo: IKEA.com

The SJÖMÄRKE charger is intended for indirect charging through a tabletop or a shelf. The phone should not be placed directly in contact with the charger. If you want to charge wirelessly on your LINNMON desk, the other IKEA wireless chargers (i.e. the NORDMÄRKE) may be a better bet for now.

Once you’ve decided on position use the double-sided adhesive strips to stick it under the surface. You can also mount it with screws or other hardware (not included).

Lastly, use the marker stickers to indicate on the topside where to place your device.

Plug it in and place your device above it. The LED will light up indicating charging status.

If you decide to change location, the adhesive tape work like 3M Command strips. They can be removed cleanly without damage to the surface.

The $39.99 SJÖMÄRKE will be available in-stores and online in the US and other countries in October. The set comes with 1 wireless charger, 1 power supply unit (length 70⅞”), 4 strips of double-sided adhesive tape and 2 marker stickers.