Easy DIY large grid mirror with IKEA mirrors and frames

diy large grid mirror for entryway

I’ve just finished a large DIY grid mirror for my house entrance. I made it with 28 IKEA picture frames and 28 LÖNSÅS mirrors. The result is wahoo!

DIY grid mirror

IKEA Materials:

Other materials:

  • Glue
  • Wood strips
  • Screws
  • Wall fasteners

DIY industrial grid mirror hack

Step 1: Insert mirrors into frame

DIY grid mirror frame with mirror

Open up the back of the picture frame and remove the plastic protection and back panel. You won’t need these anymore. Insert the LÖNSÅS mirror in the picture frame and close the frame accordingly. Repeat 27 times!

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Step 2: Glue frames together

two rows of mirrors

Place the mirrors in the grid formation you want. Then, run a line of glue down the long side of one picture frame. Press the frame with glue against the next mirror frame. Finish each row (of 4 mirrors, in my case) and then glue the rows together to get a large 4×7 grid of mirrors.

Step 3: Reinforce the grid structure

frame back reinforcement

Let the glue dry thoroughly. Then carefully flip the mirror grid over, with mirrors facing downwards. You may want to lay a piece of cloth on the floor to protect the frames and mirrors. Measure the width of the row of mirrors and cut pieces of wood to size. Screw the wood pieces across the row of mirrors into the sides of the frame. Repeat on each row. Then measure the length of the grid mirror and cut wood accordingly. Screw the vertical wood pieces to the horizontal wood pieces to consolidate and reinforce the whole grid of mirrors.

Step 4: Secure to wall

elbow shutter bracket

I placed my DIY grid mirror against the wall and used two shutter stoppers (see inset picture) to hold the mirror to the wall. Done! (This step may be optional depending on the size of your industrial grid mirror and whether there’s a risk of it being knocked over.)

~ by Christine 

industrial ikea mirror hack