How to make a cozy igloo bed for your dog or cat

igloo dog bed ikea hack

We’ve had a cold winter here in Perth and I thought my little fluff ball needed an extra cosy place to sleep. I saw a few dog igloo beds for sale and thought I could make one myself instead of shelling out big bucks.

This pet igloo (cause you can probably use it for a cat too) was simple to make and created entirely from things that would (should) normally be thrown away.

I say ‘normally’ as most people don’t hoard clutter like I do, but you just never know when it might come in handy, right?

Here’s how my igloo dog bed hack turned out.

dog igloo bed with IKEA blue bag and mattress


IKEA FRAKTA blue shopping bag
Thin mattress

All you need is a thin foam mattress (I used a camping mattress), which makes the roof, floor and sides. You could also try with a crib mattress especially if you no longer need it or it’s worn out. The foam provides insulation. It will trap your dog’s own body heat and keep the inside of the tunnel warm and cozy.

Another thing you’ll need is some material for the front and back. An IKEA shopping bag is perfect — durable and easy to wipe clean. (Keep a spare one as a dog carrier bag.)

How to make an igloo bed for your dog

Now that you have your materials, the first thing to do is roll your mattress into a cylinder. Then, hold the short edges together with bulldog clips or strong pegs.

Then lay out your front and back fabric, the IKEA bag in this case, and bend your mattress into a dog kennel shape. (A cylinder with a flat side).

mattress with blue bag sewn on the sides

Trace the kennel shape on to the end piece. Cut two pieces from this to make the igloo front and back. (I didn’t take a picture of this as you kind of need both your hands and knees for this bit.)

Cut a rounded dome shape for the tunnel entrance. Use duct tape or sew some sturdy fabric around it for added strength.

dog igloo bed with IKEA blue bag and mattress
the pup likes it

Now thread a nice big needle with strong thread and get stitching. All around the front and back and along the remaining bottom edge of the mattress.

Put an old pillow inside and it’s done! I’m pleased to report that the dog LOVES it!!

~ by Meggipeg, Perth, Western Australia

Easiest and most cosy DIY pet bed ever

crib mattress and fitted sheet

This is 1-minute cat bed, made from IKEA LEN crib fitted sheet + IKEA Vyssa Slummer crib mattress. (The Vyssa Slummer crib mattress is no longer available. The PELLEPLUTT is a good alternative for this IKEA pet bed hack)

I had completely no use for the Vyssa Slummer mattress, since my children are now too big for the bed it fitted. I never knew what to do with it. Even considered making chair pillow out of it, or garden chair mattress. Yet, those things always seemed too time consuming ?

Then, the kittens arrived.

After 3 weeks under the sofa they were ready to move to a new home. Spending tens of dollars for a cat bed was just too much for me. And being a person who does not like to spend too much time on things that do not excite her, I decided to make the bed the easiest and fastest way possible.

instructions for making a cat bed /  dog igloo bed

The picture instructions are pretty straightforward. The first picture shows the finished bed. Second and third photo of the mattress fitted with the sheet.

Then roll the mattress and tuck one end into the fitted sheet. If you want the shape of the cat bed to hold, consider sewing it on the side or installing some clips. Mine held very well (maybe because it was already rolled for some time in the basement) and has retained the shape.

The kittens now have a safe place for restful sleep. It would probably work well for small dogs too.

~ by Patrycja Budzynska