Pole wrap turns basic IKEA cabinet into a stunning sideboard

ikea eket hack sideboard with pole wrap

I decided to hack the EKET units as I’ve been desperate to use some pole wrap in an IKEA hack. Furthermore, I wanted to add some curved edges to the EKET units.

And pole wrap allows you to do that!

Here’s a before-after shot.

IKEA EKET hack sideboard before and after with pole wrap
Before and after: DIY IKEA sideboard with pole wrap | @crack_the_shutters

IKEA item used:

  • IKEA EKET cabinet with 2 doors
  • IKEA EKET unit with 3 drawers

(The units are attached together using two connecting plates)

Other materials:

  • 5 sheets of Bamboo pole wrap (600x1200mm)
  • 20mm birch plywood for the top of the unit (1.8m x 37cm)
  • Plywood to make semicircles x 2 for each end of the unit
  • Iron-on birch veneer strip for the cut edge of the plywood top
  • Wood stain in light English oak


Combining the IKEA EKET cabinets into one

The first thing we did was to attach the already assembled EKET units together. We used a router to sink the connecting plates into the top of the units to allow the plywood top to sit flush.

Then, we measured pole wrap to fit the fronts of the unit. We cut to size for each door and drawer front and then a strip of pole wrap around the edges of the drawers and doors with mitred edges.

We attached pole wrap to unit with adhesive and brad nails as required.

DIY curved sides with pole wrap

Now on to the curved sides. We drew out 4 semi circles on plywood. How we did this: Measure the depth of the EKET unit and from the centre point used a pencil and piece of string to draw an arch. Then, we cut out the pieces using a jigsaw.

We attached 2 semi-circles to each end with L-shaped brackets.

Again, we measured pole wrap to sit around the semi-circles. We cut the pole wrap to size with a mitre saw.

Attached pole wrap to each end of the unit with adhesive and brad nails.

Finishing with a top panel

Moving on to the top panel, we cut curved edges on a plywood topper using a jigsaw. Sanded any uneven edges and attached to the top of EKET cabinets with adhesive.

Using an acrylic paint in a colour matching the pole wrap we touched up any little white gaps visible.

Next, we ironed on birch veneer around cut edge of plywood top.

And lastly stained the topper with wood dye to match.

See the step by step process in my IG reel below.

How long did it take you to complete this IKEA EKET DIY pole wrap project?

It took about a full day to complete in total, although I did a couple of hours a day over a few weekends due to work and family commitments.

What to pay special attention to?

It’s definitely worth taking the time to touch up any white areas with paint. In some places tiny edges of the EKET unit showed up and it didn’t look quite right until I’d touched those areas up with the paint.

I wouldn’t do anything differently with this IKEA hack but I am tempted to do another now I’m happy with the process and would consider adding a marble top to finish it off next time!

~ by Jen @crack_the_shutters