How to DIY a super organized LEGO Storage System

diy lego storage

DIY LEGO storage solution that look 100% better than plastic bins!

We are working on converting our garage to a TV/ Playroom and we thought our old storage of LEGO collection in Tupperware drawers was super ugly.

Then we stumbled upon a LEGO storage idea when we found these IKEA HELMER drawers. They not only look 100% better — but they actually work sooo much better for organization and finding what you need.

The label on each drawer helps identify what’s inside. And since we can’t see through them, the storage solution looks neat and tidy. Our play area doesn’t appear like a LEGO war zone anymore. We also love the bright red pop of color.

DIY lego storage drawers hack

IKEA item used:

  • 4 HELMER drawer units

DIY LEGO storage with IKEA drawers

It’s a very easy DIY to hack these LEGO storage drawers. Here’s what we did.

Step 1: Assemble the IKEA drawer units

First, assemble the 4 HELMER drawer units (which is probably the hardest part of this IKEA hack). We pushed them together to create what appears to be a whole storage unit. As the HELMER units are placed on a carpeted area of the playroom the casters are pretty much locked. They don’t move much.

You can customize the number of HELMER units to fit your space and your LEGO collection. We used 4 storage units in a row but you can also position the units back to back to create a LEGO table that your kids can sit around.

Step 2: Top it with a plank

Next, measure the surface area of the 4 units combined. At the hardware store, get an inexpensive plank of wood in the same size. We added an overhang of approximately 1″ in front and 2″ on both sides. Try not to have too much of an overhang as kids may lean against the edge of the board causing it to flip over.

We kept the table top simple but we’ve seen many DIY LEGO tables with LEGO baseplates glued onto the table surface. To add or not add the baseplates will depend on how your kids play with the bricks.

Step 3: Stain and seal the table top

We stained and polyurethane covered the top of the plank so we can use it as an end table/ display area for our kids’ LEGO creations. The plank is just placed on top of the metal cabinets and we did use any glue or screws to secure it down. You can do so if you feel the need to secure the top. Use construction adhesive to glue the board to the drawer units. Alternatively screw the board down from inside the drawer unit up to the board. (Use a drill bit suitable for metal to drill through the cabinet first.)

IKEA HELMER LEGO storage drawers

Step 4: Organize LEGO bricks into drawers

Lastly, sort the LEGO bricks by categories and put them in different drawers. Label the drawers with the label paper supplied.

Kids love our DIY LEGO storage unit.

~ by Rachel Howard

What’s the best way to label LEGO bricks?

There are several effective ways to label LEGO bricks by category, depending on your organizational preferences. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Color-coded labels: Assign a color to each category of LEGO brick, and attach color-coded labels to your storage containers. For example, blue labels could represent bricks used for buildings, while green labels could indicate bricks used for landscaping.
  2. Pictures or Icons: Print out pictures or icons that represent each category of LEGO brick, and attach them to your storage containers. This can be especially helpful for young children who may not yet be able to read labels.
  3. Category Labels: Use categorical labels to organize your LEGO bricks, using words that correspond to the function of the part. For example, “Bricks” to represent regular studded bricks, while “Plates” for flat plates.
  4. Numerical Labels: Use numerical labels to categorize your LEGO bricks, assigning each category a number. For example, “1” could represent bricks used for buildings, while “2” could represent bricks used for landscaping.

Ultimately, the best way to label LEGO bricks is the one that works best for you and your collection. For detailed labelling, you can try these sets of printable LEGO labels. Experiment with different labeling methods to find the one that makes the most sense for your needs.

label the bricks accordingly for an organized lego storage solution