IKEA Wedding Hacks: Clever Ways to Use Their Products for Your Ceremony and Reception

ikea wedding hacks

If you’re planning a wedding, you know that the costs can add up quickly. However, with a little creativity and some IKEA hacks, you can save money without sacrificing style. IKEA has various affordable and versatile products that can be transformed into beautiful wedding decor. 

From centerpieces to photo displays, there are many ways to sneak a little Swedish flair into your wedding. For example, you can use the IKEA MÅLA easel to create chalkboard signs or the KORKEN glass bottles as vases or table numbers. You can use IKEA frames to create a unique photo display or backdrop. 

Not only is IKEA wedding hacks budget-friendly, but they also allow you to add a personal touch to your wedding. With a little DIY effort, you can create one-of-a-kind decor that reflects your style and personality. So, if you’re looking for creative and affordable ways to decorate your wedding, scroll down for our IKEA hacks and ideas for your big day.

IKEA Wedding Hacks for Table Centerpieces

IKEA glass and candle centerpiece

IKEA wedding hack table centerpiece with glass candles and flowers

Kim used tall and short IKEA glasses, candles, and lots of plumerias to make her own centerpiece. And that kept costs low.

The trick is to head to IKEA and get a collection of glasses, both short and tall — similar but with a bit of variety in sizes. Get the same color candles and tealights in different sizes as well. Then place the candles in the glasses, varying them until you get an arrangement you like.

IKEA wedding hack table centerpiece with glass candles and flowers

She says it’s not anything super fancy … but we think it’s a perfect example of using IKEA as your craft store and not using everything for its original and intended purpose.

Light up with lanterns

Another idea is to use IKEA lanterns as centerpieces. You can fill them with flowers or candles, or even spray paint them to match your wedding colors. The IKEA BORRBY lantern is a wedding favorite and we can see why.

The REGOLIT paper lampshade is also a good choice. And it’s almost half the price of the BORRBY. Add some flowers to it and it’s just as beautiful a centerpiece as any. For safety, use battery-operated LED tea lights.

IKEA BRUNSTA Lampshade centerpiece

Redditor cjfb62 saw the BRUNSTA pendant lamp shade and the light bulb literally went on! She spray painted a metallic copper over the shade. Then added different kinds of faux plants from Michaels including ferns, ficus leaves, boxwood, and boom!

Backdrop Ideas

A backdrop can add a beautiful and memorable touch to your wedding ceremony or reception. And it doesn’t have to be just the walls. Any large expanse can be dressed up. Consider the walls, ceiling, and floor of your reception area and go big for impact.

On the wall

IKEA curtains are regularly used to create a wedding backdrop. Get a few panels of IKEA LILL curtains and hang them from a rod or string them up with twine for a whimsical backdrop.

Up on the ceiling

Hayley and Ben used IKEA paper lanterns, ribbons, and carnations to create a romantic atmosphere. Simple yet so elegant.

IKEA gives us a few ideas for unusual wedding decor. Interior designer Emma tied and shortened the SOLIG canopy nets and hung them dramatically above the wedding table. I’m thinking the idea can be taken further. Imagine filling them with fairy lights and having them in a cluster like a “UFO chandelier” at the center of the reception hall. It will be out of this world!

IKEA Wedding Table Setting Ideas

Table settings are an important part of wedding decor, and IKEA has plenty of options to choose from.

Shop IKEA fabrics

IKEA Napkins

While it’s usual to use IKEA placemats and napkins to add a pop of color to your tables, you are certainly not limited to standard placemats and napkins. Sheri with the help of her wonderful mother and best friend transformed three sets of twin bed sheets from IKEA into 130 table napkins for the wedding reception. From that they also made jam jar covers (aka a jam jar cozy). So if the pattern and color of IKEA bed linens match your wedding color and theme, go for it.

IKEA ALVINE SPETS table runner

The ALVINE SPETS lace curtains should be on your wedding shopping list if it isn’t already. You can drape it over the table as a tablecloth or trim it and stitch it into a narrow table runner. Wrap it around the back of chairs for a romantic dining set-up. If you’re having a beach or garden wedding, try a wedding teepee.

IKEA Hacks for Wedding Favors and Gifts

Wedding favors and gifts are a great way to show appreciation to your guests. However, they can quickly become expensive. Here are some IKEA hacks to help you create unique and personalized wedding favors and gifts that won’t break the bank.

Personalized Candles

Candles are a classic wedding favor, but you can make them extra special with a personal touch. IKEA has various candle options that you can customize with your own labels or decorations. Here’s how:

  • Purchase a set of IKEA HEMSJÖ unscented block candle
  • Print out labels with your names and wedding date or a special message
  • Stick the labels onto the candles using double-sided tape or glue
  • Wrap the candles in tissue paper and tie them with a ribbon for a finished look

Green Gifts

A two-in-one hack that combines place cards with a little gift. Plant a small plant in a KORKEN jar to welcome your guest and take home.

Tasty wedding favors

GRUNDTAL containers are so useful (and cute) guests wouldn’t mind taking one home. Fill them with tea leaves or seeds or jelly beans — whatever best represents you and your spouse. Print out labels to stick on the clear glass and tie colorful twine around them to match your wedding theme.

Wedding terrarium hack in an IKEA spice jar

The RAJTAN spice jars inspired Natalie to DIY mini terrariums as wedding favors. She arranged an assortment of moss and faux flowers in the jar and finished them with printed labels and ribbons.

Ikea Hacks for the Big Day

The Big Day is here and you’ll want to ensure your guests have a great time. And that your wedding day runs as smoothly as it should.

Seating Chart Idea

MULIG clothes rack for wedding table seating arrangement
Pinterest | Photography by Emily Wehner

When it comes to seating arrangements, you want to make sure that your guests feel comfortable and know where to sit. An easy way to create a seating chart is by using a MULIG clothes rack and hanging a large poster with the table seating arrangement. Write guests’ names or design it using software like Canva and print out the poster at your local printing centers like Office Depot or Staples. Then make holes at the top of the poster and use S-hooks to hang the poster on the frame. This IKEA wedding hack also works as a wedding signage leading to the wedding venue.

Table numbers

You can use small IKEA picture frames like the TOLSBY as table numbers and place them on each table. Unfortunately, the popular IKEA TOLSBY frames seem to be *gasp* discontinued. Here are similar double-sided standing photo frames on Amazon.

Share Your Story

As guests arrive, ease them into the celebration by sharing your wedding photos or key moments in your relationship journey. Display the photos in a unique and creative way by using an IKEA wire memo board like the KORSMON or SÖSDALA. Clip photos and notes on the hooks and add some greenery or flowers to the frame for a touch of elegance.

Set a box for cards and well-wishes

A guestbook is a great way to remember all of the people who attended your wedding. Instead of a traditional book, use an IKEA SOCKER greenhouse for a wedding card box. You can choose to spray paint the greenhouse frame if you wish. Then print out vinyl letterings for the front. If you don’t have a Cricut machine, you can get them designed and printed on Etsy. It’s also a good idea to add a card slot to one of the “roof” panels if you wish to keep the box locked (especially if gifts involve cash). Ask your guests to write a note on pre-prepared cards and drop them into the box. This creates a beautiful and unique memento you can display in your home.

Kids activity station

If you’re expecting a lot of younger ones at the wedding an activity station for kids will be much appreciated by parents. Fill a KNAGGLIG crate with activity bags — which you stuff with coloring books, puzzles, and fun treats for kids.

Bridal bathroom helper

IKEA wedding pee bag

Make one or more of the essential bridal bathroom helpers to ensure no accidents in the bathroom. It takes only 3 minutes to make one. And the bride’s life will be so much easier on the wedding day. Read this post on how to cut an IKEA wedding bag.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but with the help of IKEA, you can create your own DIY wedding decorations. Incorporating these IKEA hacks into your wedding will not only save you money but also add a personal touch to your special day.

Did you use any IKEA hacks at your own wedding? Share them with us. We’ll love to add yours to this list.