Guess who IKEA is collaborating with next? LEGO!

IKEA LEGO collaboration

Yes, you heard it right. An IKEA LEGO collaboration. Isn’t that just the best news ever? If you’ve been following IKEAhackers for any amount of time, you’ll know we are big fans of LEGO.

In a press release, they announced it started with an invitation from LEGO, “Do you want to play?”

“Of course we said yes to this and together we now want to enable more play by triggering play in the functionality of the everyday life. At IKEA we first and foremost want to resolve this built in or maybe just perceived conflict that play is messy in a creative, humanistic and playful way. Because we believe more play makes the home and the world a better place”, says Fredrika Inger, Business Area Manager for Children’s IKEA, at IKEA of Sweden.

In the IKEA Play Report, IKEA asked children what they want and 47% of them said that they want more playtime with their parent. At the same time, 90% of the asked parents believe play is essential to wellbeing and happiness, building on to the belief that play is important.

In an upcoming study on play made by the LEGO Group, 95% of parents responded that play is fundamental to their child’s development and that playing with LEGO bricks helps their children to be creative. Then why don’t we play more? The collaboration aims to increase the opportunity for playing more. First out is to try to make the whole home a better functioning and more fun place.

The release did not mention any specific items they will be working on. So we can only wait for more news in coming months. It may take a year or two before the IKEA LEGO collaboration products hit the stores.

Till then, let’s enjoy some of the most popular LEGO hacks on IKEAhackers.

#1 DIY LEGO table with storage

DIY LEGO table with storage

Need a place for your kid to build his LEGO pieces? This DIY Lego play table with drawer storage is the perfect solution! It’s so easy to make and affordable too. It uses the IKEA LACK side tables and TROFAST bins. A cheap and easy project anyone can make. See the tutorial.

#2 IKEA LEGO entryway key shelf

entryway key shelf

An easy and awesome way to manage your keys using LEGO bricks as key holders on an IKEA LACK shelf. See more.

#3 LEGO DUPLO play and store box

LEGO DUPLO play and store box

A KALLAX shelving unit (single cube) and a Branäs basket are all you need to make a compact LEGO station. See how it’s done.

#4 How to build a LEGO station

lego station

David made this well thought out and organized LEGO station for his nephew and his collection of over 9000 bricks. If you have a LEGO mad kid, you’ll want to hack this.

#5 Stylish LEGO style table

LEGO table

Who knew the colourful bricks could make such an eye catching table? Take a look here and start designing your own LEGO table.

#6 A rolling LEGO cart

LEGO rolling cart

A very happy kid who can store all his LEGOs. And happy parents that don’t step on these nasty little LEGO pieces anymore. Get the tutorial.

#7 Hey, hey it’s a LEGO coffee table

LEGO coffee table

The IKEA Ramvik table (discontinued) with a pixelated top. See how.

#8 Modern IKEA LEGO play table

Not keen on the strong primary colors on most LEGO tables. Try this soothing blue and green one on for size. Read more.

#9 Easy DIY LEGO minifigure display

LEGO minifigure display case

Could this be the easiest framed LEGO minifigure display ever? Maybe not, but it’s simple to put together and it’s easy to change the layout or be creative with other LEGO pieces. All you’ll need is a RIBBA frame and some parts that you may already have in your stash or they’re readily available at LEGO parts shops. Read more.

#10 Massive LEGO storage wall

LEGO storage wall

A storage wall to store a massive amount of bricks but have them accessible as well. See more.

Jules Yap